Work Injuries

Injuries on the job can cause huge medical bills and lost time from work.

You may feel that worker’s compensation doctors may ignore serious injuries and insist that you return to heavy work.

Our firm can help if you were hurt on the job because of someone’s carelessness. If someone hurts you while you are working, then you may have two claims. One is a worker’s compensation claim for your doctor bills. The other claim is against the company or person that caused the injury. For instance, if you are driving for your job and a company truck rear ends you, then we can help bring a claim against the company truck.

Often, people ask, will my boss be mad if I bring a claim? Will I be fired?

In our experience, bosses often want their employee to bring a claim against the person or company that caused the injury. The reason is the person or company responsible then reimburses worker’s compensation for any medical costs. Please call our injury lawyers for a free and confidential statement of your rights and options. Let us tell you about Florida law.

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