Pedestrian Accidents

I was hit by a car while walking, what should I do?

  • First, move to a safe place.
  • Call 911 and report the crash.
  • Get the insurance company name and policy number for the person that hit you while waiting for 911 responders.
  • Take photos of all cars, skid marks, and damage to your clothing.
  • Ask witnesses for their names and numbers.
  • Ask the police officer for a driver’s exchange information or at least the name and policy number of the insurance for the driver at fault.  If you do not obtain it at the scene, sometimes crash reports can take up to three weeks to obtain and this information is crucial to help pay for medical bills.
  • Report the crash to your car insurance company.
  • Remember, you might feel fine at the scene, but pain symptoms can appear later so seek medical care for yourself and your passengers as soon as possible.  You only have 14 days to see a doctor to preserve your right to have your insurance pay bills.
  • Call us so we can go over your rights with you. The call is free.

Who pays for medical bills and wage loss if I am hit while walking or running?

When you are walking and hit by a car, the insurer for the car owner as well as the insurer for the driver owe you reimbursement for medical bills, wage loss, and suffering. If you do not have car insurance or live with someone who has car insurance, the insurer for the car must still provide “personal injury protection” insurance which will pay 80% of your medical bills and 60% of your wage loss up to $10,000.00.


What are the rules of the road when walking?

The State of Florida publishes rules for pedestrians as well as vehicles near pedestrians at . The insurer will insist on a recorded statement. It is our recommendation that you talk with a lawyer so you know how the insurer may try to twist your words. Call Howell & Thornhill P.A., for a free consultation. We got this.