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Due to recent law changes, if you are hurt through no fault of your own, and your reason for being hurt happened on March 24, 2023, or after, you now have two years to file a lawsuit. That is a very short window of time. Florida law now has more hurdles for a citizen to receive fair compensation. Call us, we got this!

Should I hire an attorney for a car crash?

We are not sure why your previous lawyer didn’t take the case or didn’t talk to you. Please call us and we can explain how we can help you.

‍The insurance company told me that there was limited insurance to help me with my medical bills, should I still hire an attorney?

Even though there may be limited bodily injury coverage, or uninsured motorist coverage, it can be very complicated to go through the maze of insurance.  Call us and we can explain how we can help you.

‍I have health insurance but I am told I have to use my No Fault (PIP) insurance for the car crash, so I have lots of insurance, so do I need to hire a lawyer?

How and when No Fault works and when health insurance can pay can be tricky.  There are different laws that apply on how and when your bills get paid. Call us and we can explain how we can help you.

When you are injured or suffer the death of a loved one, insurance companies frequently call. They tell you they want to help you. However, an insurance company is a business, and businesses want to make money.

Many nice people work with insurance companies, but their job is to make money for the company. If the insurance company does not pay out money, even though it is fair and right, the insurance company makes money. So if the insurance company says you need to sign papers and give recorded statements, then maybe you should ask if they are really trying to help themselves at your expense.

We suggest you contact our law firm for free advice, and remember the following:

Should I give a recorded statement?

We suggest you contact an attorney to know your rights before giving any statements. Many times, the insurance company has no legal right to insist on a statement, even though they tell you that you must give one. A recorded statement can be held against you, especially if you forget important information. For instance, if the insurance company asks you what hurts, and you mention your broken arm and forget to mention your swollen knee, the insurance company may later try to deny payment for the knee surgery by claiming your knee was never hurt because you failed to mention it. Please call Howell & Thornhill, P.A., to find out if you must give a recorded statement and the important things to remember when giving a recorded statement.

Should I sign a medical authorization?

A medical authorization gives the insurance company the right to call your doctor and harass your doctor about giving you medical treatment. To find out if the insurance company has a right to a medical authorization, give our firm a call to find out your rights.

Should I sign a release?

An insurance company may want you to sign a release of all claims. Is this in your best interest? Are they reimbursing all your losses, or just promising to do it later even though the release does not hold them to that promise in writing? Before signing a release, we suggest you call Howell & Thornhill to find out your rights.

I was wrongly given a ticket, what should I do?

You have a certain amount of time to fight the ticket, so follow the instructions on the citation.If you have witnesses, find out if they will testify for you and tell them the traffic hearing date once you get it. Bring pictures to help your case.

The crash report is all wrong, what can I do?

If there is a factual error, like the wrong car, or the wrong people listed, for example, you can probably get it changed, or amended, or a supplemental report be issued if you have documentation and submit it to the officer or the agency right after the incident.

What is MedPay, and should I have it?

In Florida you are required to have PIP (sometimes called No Fault Insurance). MedPay is additional coverage that can help pay your medical bills. Call us for free and we can explain to you more about MedPay.

I was looking at my policy and I see I have a deductible. What does that mean?

You may have a deductible for property damage or for No Fault (PIP benefits). Both are applied differently.  Please call us for free and we can explain how both works!

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