Accident Reconstruction

What is it and how does it help my case?


Accident Reconstruction is used to recreate a crash by investigating the circumstances of the accident and applying the laws of physics. The most important  evidence necessary to reconstruct an accident is obtained from the physical evidence at the scene and by taking physical measurements.

In order to determine the most probable scenario that led to the accident, it is necessary to gather witness statements and obtain photographs and measurements of the vehicles, locations of skid marks, and damaged property.

Howell & Thornhill has a full-time, certified accident reconstructionist on staff to assist our clients.  Tommy Ray is a former Florida Department of Law Enforcement officer and has over 40 years of experience of police work.  Tommy has been instrumental in solving many “cold cases” and his investigation skills are crucial in our firm’s efforts to prove the truth of what happened in your crash.  Witnesses are often hard to find and elusive.  Mr. Ray has the experience and talent to help you, the client of Howell & Thornhill.

Police are on the accident scene for only a short time and often are unable to do a complete investigation. In the absence of a complete accident investigation, mistakes can be made that are honest errors. However, these errors can have an enormous effect on the issue of who will pay for your car, your lost wages, and your medical bills.

Reconstruction of your accident allows your attorney to set the record straight as to who was responsible for your injuries and make a recovery for you. It is the method by which we can show the insurance company that you were not at fault.

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