Paralysis Scarring And All Injuries

An injury that results in amputation causes devastating losses and a lifetime of financial costs. Whether the amputation is from a car crash, work place accident, or the result of medical negligence, amputations require costly surgical treatment, extensive physical therapy, and custom made prostheses.

Prostheses are expensive custom made artificial limbs designed to replace body parts lost by injury. Prostheses require costly replacement as they wear out over time.

Every amputation is catastrophic and life altering. Victims with these injuries require continued medical care, physical therapy, pain medications, and counseling to assist with issues such as depression and the loss of the ability to earn wages. Because of the severity of the situation, it is critical to contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.

Amputations can result in long-term phantom limb pain, depression, loss of employment and financial ruin. If you or your loved one has suffered injuries from an accident that resulted in amputation or dismemberment, then you will need the assistance of an experienced injury lawyer. Since 1975 the lawyers at Howell & Thornhill have been fighting for our injured clients. Our team will work together with your medical professionals and the insurance companies to ensure that the costs of your future needs will be met.

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