Susan Peek

When the unthinkable happened I knew the person to take care of my husband and I was Tri Thornhill. We were friends in school and that same person of Character and Integrity was the only person I trusted in this life changing situation. Thank you Tri and staff for taking such good care of us.

- Susan Peek

James VanderHeyden

We are extremely appreciative of all that Tri has done for us with our case .Very helpful law firm & extremely friendly. Would definitely recommend & use them in the future . Thanks Jim VanderHeyden

- James VanderHeyden

Ceecee Austin

Wish I could give more stars because Tri did more than expected I would recommend him to friends and family he gets the job done

- CeeCee Austin

Tammy Gatlin

Highly highly recommend Tri Thornhill he is THE ABSOLUTE BEST! very professional and kind through out the whole process, he truly works hard for YOU!

- Tammy Gatlin

Kevin A

The attorneys at Howell & Thornhill have mastered the ability to remain “down-to-Earth” while maintaining professionalism. Tim kept me current and was always available to answer questions. When I didn’t agree with an aspect of the case, he listened to my concerns and clarified why a particular strategy or decision needed to be implemented. In reflection, aside from the substantial settlement, it is those moments I most appreciate. In his pursuit of a favorable outcome, Mr. Tim Kiley exemplified the true spirit of “Counselor at Law,” in his roles as my advocate, counselor, and legal expert.

- Kevin A.

Enrique T.

I was referred to this firm by a friend whose girlfriend was in a car accident, I wish I didn’t need their services but I am happy that I contacted them, they kept me up to date with everything, overall it was a good decision.

- Enrique T.

Shaunda Crumity

It was a pleasure working with the Howell and Thornhill team. Ryan McCarthy is the best attorney I have ever dealt with.

- Shaunda Crumity

Leigha Rowland

Tri was AWESOMEEEEEE , kept me up to date on everything and let me know what to expect up front ! If anything ever were to happen to me or anybody I know I would TRUST AND RECOMMEND HIM OVER ANYONE !!! Thanks again Tri ❤️❤️❤️

- Leigha Rowland

Andrea Navarro

Spencer Pastorin is a compassionate and consistent lawyer that keeps on going to do everything possible for his clients! Thanks again Spencer for all your help! Would definitely recommend!

- Andrea Navarro

Sharon Henry

While on a girl’s trip I was hit from behind. That accident changed my life in a negative way. I went from being extremely active and mobile to having days of not being able to get out of bed due to extreme back and leg pain. I feel nothing will ever allow me to go back to my previous physical form, however Howell and Thornhill Personal Injury lawyers took my case and patiently worked through all the yellow tape. They secured more for me than I expected. The name on the door was accessible. When I had questions, they were answered in a reasonable amount of time. When decisions needed to be made I was included throughout every decision making. My opinion mattered to Tim Riley and his team. If you ever need a thoughtful, hardworking and upfront lawyer who will be truthful about your case, reach out to Howell & Thornhill Law Firm. You will not be disappointed!

- Sharon Henry


Sherri and her team Got This!! After my car accident Sherri and her team were there for me every step of the way! They are extremely passionate and sympathetic, especially about my labrador Sammy that was in the accident with me, They put in a lot time and energy into my case and were very effective!! I really appreciate how quick they responded to me when I had any questions and were able to explain things in terms I would understand. I am truly grateful to Sherri and her team! Thank you from me and Sammy ?

- Katharinezeta (BabyKat)

Carlton Jones

I think they have a great team and my attorney Sherri and her assistant were awesome

- Carlton Jones

Sara Bennett

I got into an accident back in December. My life was at a horrible standstill but when I went to Howell in Thornhill, Spencer made me feel so much better and relieved. I was scared and didn’t know what to do but he was with me every step of the way. He was always kind and very professional. I also am thankful for Eric. He was so kind to me as well and was always there to communicate every move we made. I definitely give them 5 stars and recommend everyone come see them.

- Sara Bennett

Kathy Cason

Howell and Thornhill have been absolutely amazing through the process after being involved in two car accidents in two months. The paralegal staff have kept me up to date every step of the way. A special thank you to S. Scarborough for even working on weekends to make sure all claims were filed due to a new law pertaining to insurance companies. She even called me on the weekend and explained the whole process and why she was having to file a claim. S. Scarborough is so down to earth, friendly and so easy to talk to. She makes you feel like family and if needed in the future I would definitely use their services again.

- Kathy Cason

Nick P

If you need a personal injury lawyer look no further than Howell and Thornhill. They have a great team and will get you the best settlement possible. They are experts in what they do. No stone will be left unturned. Spencer thought of every detail. I received a very nice settlement. You will not be sorry using this firm. SPENCER IS THE MAN!!! THANK YOU SPENCER.

- Nick P

Megan Gold

Sherri was great in handling my case and got my medical bill drastically lowered so I could get the most out of my settlement

- Megan Gold

Maggie Clark

Sherri was very helpful and nice throughout everything! If I were to ever need another attorney I would definitely be back for her!

- Maggie Clark

Sierra Raquel

Howell & Thornhill established a reputation of an extremely hardworking law firm and I had the pleasure to experience just that! I had the great privilege to have had both attorney Sherri Scarborough in the beginning and finished with attorney Ryan McCarthy. Both Attorneys consistently demonstrates a pro-active attitude and performed consistent thoroughness with my case and were absolutely sweet and wonderful throughout the entire process. I strongly recommend both attorneys with my highest endorsements! Both Sherri Scarborough and Ryan McCarthy are hard-working, diligent, caring individual’s who possesses all the intangible qualities you want in an attorney!

- Sierra Raquel

Josh Holder

My experience working with attorney Spencer was quite rewarding. His knowledge, experience and guidance was/is exquisite.

- Josh Holder


Spencer and his team really did a great job. He helped me with everything! He walked me through everything, made sure I understood the details, answered all my crazy questions and put my mind at ease. He and his team really did such an amazing job. Hopefully I don’t need an attorney again, but if I do, Spencer and his team will be who I call. Thanks to him I got a real nice settlement. I was extremely happy with the job he did. Thank you Spencer and crew.

- Madi Meets World