Slips And Falls

Every day in Florida people are injured by slipping or tripping and falling on someone else’s property. The personal injury attorneys of Howell & Thornhill can help if you or a loved one is a victim of a dangerous condition on property that causes an injury.

Every landlord and property owner has the duty to keep all areas safe for customer use. Often, large stores leave water, food, or merchandise on the floor, without regard to the safety of their customers. Injuries from falls can occur when a property owner maintains a dangerous condition, fails to warn of the dangerous condition, and fails to maintain the property is a safe condition.

Failure to Use Safety Cones

A property owner has a duty to prevent slips and falls – premises liability. Safety cones are inexpensive, easy to use, and provide instant recognition of a dangerous condition. The failure of the property owner to use visible warnings for dangerous conditions can lead to serious injuries.


Failure to Use Non-Skid Doormats

A dirty and wet floor is one the leading causes of slips and falls. Since many hard floors are not slip resistant, doormats make traffic areas safer by trapping dirt and water before it enters homes and businesses. Property owners have the duty to prevent injuries by ensuring that floor mats are used and will hold up to Florida’s extreme weather conditions.


Dangerous Conditions

Severe injuries are caused by the negligent maintenance, operation, or design of land and property. Dangerous conditions create unreasonable risks of injury to customers and visitors. Landlords and property owners must use reasonable care to protect against injuries created by the defective condition.