The Florida governor with the help of the Florida Legislature gave a massive gift to the insurance companies.  In a law that does not require insurance premiums to come down even $1, they restricted the ability to force insurance companies to pay valid claims.  The changes will mean an average homeowner will need to pay thousands of dollars for a lawyer if the insurance company fights them after a hurricane.  Every hurricane kit now needs thousands of dollars to bankroll a fight against the insurance company.  Did insurance companies need high premiums and the ability to beat down any claim?  Look on Google.  Try to find an insurance company that is not a billion-dollar company.  Good luck.

The governor and legislators gave the insurance companies high premiums and took away your help in making them pay for valid claims.  Look up which of your local legislators voted for this bill.  In the house, In the senate,  Is this representing their voters, or the insurance companies? 

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